Perhaps the strongest selling point of Chapter 13 bankruptcy is that it gives people what is commonly referred to as a “fresh financial start.” You may have heard or read this term and wondered exactly what it means. Well, it is actually a rather all-encompassing phrase which refers to many aspects of the rebuilding process of your financial well-being.

Once you have taken the step of filing for Chapter 13, you may feel a sense of relief and control. One of the main advantages of Chapter 13 is it allows you to renegotiate debts and make repayment plans that are more in line with your economic situation. Simply getting organized and having a plan can help allay some of the emotional stress that your debt was causing.

You also will have the chance to reflect on your present situation and carefully assess how your financial difficulties occurred and what things you can do, moving forward, to better ensure that it won’t happen again. And one way to do this is to enlist the support of family, friends and fellow members of any church or civic organizations you belong to.

Sometimes just knowing that there are people who care about you can be a great help. Moreover, you may find others in your circle who also filed for bankruptcy who can offer you advice on how to best contend with your circumstances.

If you are being swamped by insurmountable debt, you don’t have to continue feeling overwhelmed. You really can get a fresh financial start with the aid of an experienced Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney who can help you set up a practical and achievable debt relief program.


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