Navigating family matters on your own can be challenging, especially when those family law matters cannot be solved without legal intervention.

At the law offices of Simer & Tetens, our Waco, Texas family law attorneys know that when you are in the midst of a family law matter, you want an experienced, compassionate, and knowledgeable legal professional on your side to guide and advocate for you.

We understand that family law issues can be emotional and frustrating – we are here to provide you with the support and information you need.

Our Family Law Practice Areas – Matters We Handle

We can competently represent you when you are facing a family law matter, regardless of what that encompasses.

Our Waco, Texas family law attorneys have years of experience representing clients throughout Waco and surrounding areas make sense of the following:

Filing for a Divorce

Filing and figuring out the myriad of legal issues that accompany divorce is one of the most common reasons that clients seek our legal services. Our Waco, Texas divorce lawyers can help you to understand the requirements for filing for divorce, how to file for a divorce, and how the divorce process unfolds.

Property Division

If you are seeking a divorce, you and your spouse will need to make a decision about how any joint property you own will be divided. While couples have an opportunity to reach an agreement on their own, this is not always possible, and Texas’ laws regarding community property must be referenced.

Spousal Support and Alimony

Another common issue in divorce is that of spousal support, also called spousal maintenance or alimony. A court will order alimony when one spouse cannot support themselves without financial help from the other.

Child Custody

Determining with whom a child will live and how much time will be spent with the other parent is one of the most contentious issues when parents are separating. Our child custody attorneys will help you to understand Texas family law and your rights, and advocate for your ability to spend as much time with your child as possible.

Child Support

Typically, the non-custodial parent is the party who is responsible for making child support payments. The amount of support is based on child support guidelines set forth by the state of Texas.

Grandparents’ Rights

Family matters and divorce don’t always only affect children and their parents, but often extended family members and grandparents, too.

Indeed, in some cases, a grandparent may lose their right to visitation with a grandchild as a result of a divorce or other family law conflict. When this is the case, it is critical that grandparents have a seasoned attorney on their side who can help them to petition the court for visitation.

Domestic Violence

Those who are victims of domestic violence should not hesitate to seek protection and legal help as soon as possible.

Our family law attorneys in Waco, Texas can aid you in seeking a domestic violence order of protection and initiate the process of dissolving your marriage.

Why Work with a Waco Family Law Lawyer

Many people choose to navigate family laws on their own and pursue a divorce or other family law matter without legal counsel.

While you certainly have the right to do so, working with an experienced family law attorney is always within your best interests. Top reasons to work with a Waco, TX family law lawyer include:

The Law can be Complicated

While most statutory law has remained the same over the years, the law–and the interpretation of the law–is constantly evolving.

Understanding Texas family law can be difficult, and knowing how a judge will rule on a family law matter can be even more arcane. When you work with a lawyer, you have an experienced and knowledgeable professional working for you who will ensure that you understand everything you need to know about the law and the family court system.

We also provide divorce mediation services if needed.

The Outcome of a Family Law Case can Have a Huge Effect on Your Life

You want your family law matter to be resolved in your favor; the outcome of your family law case can have a lasting and serious effect on your life.

For many people, not getting a fair property division settlement, not being awarded spousal maintenance, or not getting custody of their child simply isn’t an option. When you hire an experienced family law lawyer, you improve the odds that your case will be resolved in your favor.

A Lawyer Works Hard to Reach a Resolution

Parties who are involved in a family law matter are often so frustrated with one another that negotiating a settlement can feel impossible.

However, our lawyers will always strive to reach an out-of-court resolution first before we pursue litigation, and can provide you with the representation you need during any negotiation/mediation to reach that goal. This is because the longer a case goes on, the more stressful it becomes, and the more expensive, too.

You Have a Lot on Your Plate

Finally, you have a lot going on right now, and putting all of your energy into your family law case may not be desirable or doable.

When you hire our family law attorneys at the offices of Simer & Tetens, we handle the bulk of legal work associated with your case, including gathering evidence to support your case, filing papers, managing discovery, and more.

This allows you to put your energy elsewhere and trust us to work hard for you.

Call Our Waco, Texas Family Law Attorneys Today

You don’t have to navigate a family law matter on your own and you shouldn’t. Our legal professionals are here to lend you the support that you need, and aggressively advocate you throughout the process.

While we always try to resolve cases outside of the courtroom, we are skilled litigators who are comfortable going to court when our clients’ cases require it.

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