Samantha Kehl is a sensitive, understanding and knowledgeable lawyer in her profession of debit relief. Though this bankruptcy was really hard for me, she showed compassion and never rushed me through the questions that had to be answered. She explained everything that was to be required to do and the paperwork to be filed to the court. Her staff was also very knowledgeable and professional. When I had a question needed an answer, they were there to assist me right away. Her fee was not unreasonable.
– Fredrick

Bradley Harville represented my wife and me for an accident case we were involved in. I retained Brad after he represented my daughter and was able to obtain a very favorable settlement for her car accident. Brad and his staff worked wonders and were able to keep the bill collectors at bay while we recovered and were treated for our injuries. They negotiated a good settlement for us and also worked with our doctors to settle on payment terms that were acceptable. In my opinion, this law firm is top notch and they don’t hesitate to go above and beyond what is expected of an attorney. Brad and his staff showed us that they cared about us and our situation. I would recommend this firm to anyone in need of representation for an accident case.

Samantha and her team really helped us through a very difficult time. They reestablished our faith in humankind after being treated so poorly by others. They never made us feel that our questions were stupid or ridiculous and were always prompt with a response. Everything was explained in an easy to understand manner. I would recommend Samantha to anyone, and I have. My husband and I will continue to use her services as necessary.
– Brown

Samantha Kehl and her team treated us with a great deal of respect and were very professional and informative about the legal processes. Samantha and her firm offer a highly skilled service, coupled with a family-like atmosphere. I would definitely recommend them to anyone for their legal needs!
– Adrienne L.

Samantha is a great lawyer. I would recommend her to anyone that needs help. We used her to file bankruptcy because we could not pay our bills. The first time I met her I truly felt like I had become a part of her family. One of the things she said at the first meeting was to let her family help our family. She really came through on those words. When I had a question, all I had to do was email her or call and someone to get me an answer. We had an accountant that decided we needed to rush our case and Samantha did it with no complaints. She walked us through everything big and small. Thank you for all you do.

I chose her law firm because they were the most knowledgeable on initial consult about bankruptcy issues. I had contacted 5-6 other attorneys prior to Samantha Kehl. Samantha was by far the most knowledgeable. The law office’s service was awesome.

We chose Samantha Kehl for a few reasons…
Anxious to get out of the rather large hole we had fallen into, I Googled ‘debt questions waco, tx’ and the first site listed was Samantha’s law firm. I quickly called with a few questions. Stephen answered & took the time to answer them on the spot! He didn’t try to rush me and push me into making an appointment for information. That was the first thing that impressed me.
When we met in person for our initial consultation, Samantha and Stephen were very welcoming, laid back, and just plain friendly.
Samantha’s services are affordable and she offers payment plans. This was great for us since we were struggling with paying our bills at the time and I knew there was no way we would have the necessary money up front.
During our relationship with them, they were always good about returning our phone calls and answering our questions. Most times I emailed Heather instead of calling the office and she too was great at replying quickly.
I was a bit nervous about the whole bankruptcy thing. The law firm made it easy.

Samantha is very professional. I was very pleased with her help and knowledge with my case. Samantha knows her field very well and will do everything in her power to help you. I would highly recommend her team to anybody.

Samantha was the best experience. She helped me every step of the way. I was so nervous and afraid of the whole process, but her guidance was awesome. She handled me with the best of care in every aspect of the legal situation. Without her, I would not have gotten through it… I highly recommend her, she knows so much of the field of bankruptcy. As an attorney, she is the best a mix of book knowledge and human caring. That was amazing.

My experience with her law firm was tremendous. Samantha Kehl and her staff were so helpful in walking us through every step of the process, so there were not any surprises. I think they are the absolute best bankruptcy legal group in town (and I know them all)!

I incurred a lot of debt after my divorce and a nasty custody battle over 8 years ago. I had always had very good credit with scores over 700+. I was a single mom and was not making much money after the divorce. But, I was able to cover the cost of the custody battle with credit cards. I tried to carry the financial burden for several years and even tried Dave Ramsey’s ‘debt snowball,’ but after the credit card laws changed in 2010 and interest rates went up to 20 and 30%, it became almost impossible to pay the bills, much less ever get out from under the debt.
I was desperate and didn’t know what to do. I’d explored non-bankruptcy options to try to deal with the debt, but I always ran into a dead-end. I was concerned about filing bankruptcy and only did it as a last resort, but it was the best thing I ever did. Samantha was wonderful. She walked me through every step of the process and was always very helpful in answering my questions and concerns. She carefully considered my situation and gave me several options and her honest opinion about how things could turn out. The court system can be intimidating, but I felt very comfortable with her guiding me through the process. I genuinely felt she had my best interests at heart. She shared the potential pros and cons of bankruptcy with me before I ever made the decision to file. Then she walked me through the process every step of the way. She was very supportive throughout. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering bankruptcy as an option.

After my first scheduled meeting with Samantha, I felt that she would work and do everything within her power to help me with my legal issue. Within 90 days of her working with me on my case, I was sure that I made the best choice of an attorney – one that was working for my best interests and finding a solution that was going to work for me and my personal needs. Since working with Samantha through the law firm, I have recommended several family and friends to her. Samantha is an attorney that will not rest until she has dotted every I and crossed every T to meet your legal needs.

I want to thank the law firm for making my experience with bankruptcy smooth. I always heard bad stuff about bankruptcy but y’all made it so easy and walked with me through each step and stayed by my side. Thank you so very much, and I will refer anyone who has to go down this road to her law firm. And it was affordable. Thank you.
– Dianna

Samantha works with you directly. She understands that you are in a tough spot, and you feel like she really cares. Every time I leave her office I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

As a Central Texas Realtor, I often meet with clients hoping to purchase a home, but they cannot because of poor credit. It gives me great pleasure to refer them to this law firm because I know that they will receive the guidance and legal assistance that will get them back on track and in control of their finances. The law firm is unlike so many other bankruptcy firms in that they truly care about the individuals and offer them understanding and care as well as instruction on how to work on rebuilding their credit. There IS life after bankruptcy and I see the great results all the time. Many of my clients have seen credit scores in the 700-800 range just two years after bankruptcy discharge and I love the look on their faces when the mortgage lender gives them a letter marked pre-approved! And that’s when my work begins!