Assault is a serious criminal offense in Texas.

If you are arrested for an assault that results in any type of injury to the victim — even an extremely minor injury — you could potentially be charged with a class A misdemeanor offense that carries potential jail time.

Defendants facing assault charges need professional legal representation. Here, our Waco, TX criminal defense attorneys explain the most important things that you need to know about assault causing bodily injury charges in the state of Texas.

Bodily Injury and Assault in Texas: Understanding the Law

Under Texas law (Texas Penal Code § 22.01), assault is a class A misdemeanor offense.

The state statute defines assault as knowingly or recklessly causing a physical injury to another person. The underlying conduct that leads to an assault charge can vary widely — it may be anything from a punch or a slap to a kick or a push.

How Does Texas Define a Bodily Injury?

The key thing to know about the charge of assault causing bodily injury Texas is that the state defines the term “injury” is an extremely broad manner. Indeed, under Texas Penal Code § 1.07(8), any form of physical pain is sufficient to justify assault charges.

To be clear, this means that a defendant could potentially be charged with misdemeanor assault bodily injury in Texas, even if the victim did not require any type of medical treatment and if the victim has virtually no physical signs of injury.

This is not to say that the severity of the victim’s injuries are irrelevant. If a victim suffered serious injuries in an assault, the defendant could potentially face more harsh criminal charges — possibly even felony charges.

How Our Waco, TX Assault Defense Lawyers Can Help

An assault is a serious criminal charge. If you are convicted, you could potentially face harsh penalties, including going to jail.

Do not go up against prosecutors alone. You need a strong legal professional on your side. At the Law Office of Simer & Tetens, our Waco criminal defense lawyers have a deep understanding of the assault laws in Texas. We are prepared to:

  • Conduct a confidential assessment of the assault charges;
  • Review the evidence and case against you;
  • Listen to your side of the story;
  • Investigate the further — seeking exonerating evidence;
  • Explore all possible affirmative defenses to assault; and
  • Build a sensible, effective legal defense strategy.

Assault causing bodily injury charges must always be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Our Waco criminal defense lawyers will take the proper steps to protect your rights — whether that means fighting aggressively to get the charges dismissed or looking to plea agreement options that protect your freedom and secure your future.

Were You Arrested for Assault in Central Texas?

We can help. At the Law Office of Simer & Tetens, our Waco criminal defense lawyers have the skills and experience needed to handle assault cases. If you or your family was charged with assault causing bodily injury, please contact us today for a free, confidential consultation.

With a law office in Waco, we defend criminal charges throughout Central Texas, including in McLennan County, Bosque County, Coryell County, and Hill County.


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